South Quarantena #5: Simone Gatto

A new playlist to cheer you up in quarantine times. Today, it is the certified music therapist and vice president of Sud Sonico, Simone Gatto, who leads you to serenity.

In fact, Gatto has acquired, over the years, solid familiarity with sound and music, thanks to his activity as composer, DJ, label manager and sound therapist. Moreover, Gatto holds frequent music therapy sessions designed on children, adults and plants. In this sense, Gatto uses sounds to promote relaxation and creativity, and this playlist is idealized to meet these purposes. His recent album Harmonic Resonance System and his book Heaven Inside Your Frequencies, deepen this theme with a scientific approach.

Let his playlist help you get through the quarantine.

Isan – No.1 Lent Et Douloureux

Eric Lau – Lau’s Lament

Yussef Kamaal – Remembrance

Machinedrum – Center Your Love

Laraaji – I Am Sky

Susumu Yokota – USHU TANJYO

Seefeel – Time to Find Me (AFX Remix)

Simone Gatto – Default Mode Network

Toshio Matura Group – Change

Ludovico Einaudi – Indaco