Musica Etica

Musica Etica is a benefit event created with the goal of raising donations in support of humanitarian or environmental causes. We organize free-entry music events and for every event, we choose a different cause to support. Our team and all artists involved work voluntarily with the purpose helping populations affected by humanitarian crises, especially in the Middle-East. In fact, all donations collected during the events are entirely addressed and sent on-site, in order to pursue the goal.

The first event of the project run in June 2023 and was in support of the Syrian earthquake, in cooperation with Save The Children Italia. The second event is scheduled for January 2024 and is going to be in support of Sounds of Palestine, a social-music program in Bethlehem, Palestine that alleviates the existence of over 250 children every year.

Musica Etica is our project for humanitarian and environmental activism. We believe small but relevant actions can make a change.

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