South Quarantena #4: Flora Päär

Italian-born Berlin-shaped sound therapist, voice perfomer and AUM Garden founder Federica Parente (Flora Päär, Pareal, Alpaca Parterre) is the next music operator up to provide a wave of positivity for our ’South Quarantine’ playlist series. 

Federica Parente has been developing her own brand of sound activities for numerous years. She’s also been collaborating with Sud Sonico’s vice president Simone Gatto in occasion of numerous sound therapy sessions in Italy and Germany. Her high sensibility for sounds brought her to apply it for relaxing, therapeutical aims. Today, she offers a selection of over forty tracks, selected such vision and spanning from mellow ambience, gentle dance anthems and old-school classics. 

The first playlist, ‘Morning Glory’, welcomes your soul in the new day through proto-dub music while smelling the aroma of Italian beloved coffee. The second, ‘Think Less’, is a more cheerful yet moving one featuring 70-80 unforgettable tracks, suggested for cooking or cleaning duties. 

See below her interpretation of being calmly quarantined, let’s oscillate together.

Morning Glory

Digitonal – Proverb

Little People – Wonderland (Instrumental Dub) 

Noiseshaper – Dunk

Daniel Masson – The Backwaters

Sounds From The Ground / Taz Alexander – Move On

Guy J – Lamur (AM Mix)

De-Phazz – Between 2 Thieves

Daniel Masson – A Tiny Kick in the Brain

Gramatik – Portorose In July

Emancipator – Canopy

Lauer – Tearsh

Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano

Felix Laband – Miss Teardrop

Yagya – Crepuscular Rays Over The Horizon

Jon Hopkins – Symmetry

Morcheeba – Big Calm

Rhythm & Sound – King Version

The Irresistible Force – Fish Dances

Fort Fairfield – The Sky, Full of Birds

Plaid – Hawkmoth

Yagya – The Salt On Her Cheeks

Feingold – Palo Santo

Shakatura – Lavatube

Brothomstates – Mdrmx

Max Cooper – Waves

Raga Jhinjhoti in Rupak Tal (7 beats) and Tintal (16 beats)

Biosphere – Ōi-1

Session Victim – Castle For Sale

Portico Quartet – Ruins

Four Tet – Two Thousand And Seventeen

Autechre – Bike

Islandman – Ikaru

Dennis Bovell – Ayé Go Mila Dubwize

Sina. – Remembrance

Kaya Project featuring Randolph Matthews – Sema Yaka (Hibernation Remix)

Kaya Project featuring Randolph Matthews – Sema Yaka (Ambient Mix)

Digby Jones – Under the Sea

Carlos Niño & Friends – Calimayan

Yoga Mao – Keppler Meditation

Boris Blenn – Mellow

Boom Bip – Roads Must Roll

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line ft. Sophie Barker

Benjy Wertheimer – Lila

Art Feynman – Slow Down

Think Less

SunSquabi – After the Rain

Jean Pierre Garidou – Ma cabane à Copacabana

Cantoma – North Shore (Max Essa Remix)

Belpaese – Sentimento

Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna

Brooklyn Express – Love Is The Message

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango

Justice – Safe And Sound

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere 

VAN McCOY – The Hustle 

Change – A Lover’s Holiday 

Cerrone – Je Suis Music

Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita

Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream

Mauro – Buona Sera Signorina Ciao Ciao