Sud Sonico launches ‘Avant Learn’, thanks to the European MusicAIRE call

We are pleased to announce the winning of the European call for proposals MusicAIRE, led by Creative Europe, which finances projects to revitalise the European music ecosystem.

Sud Sonico, as part of this call, presents the ‘Avant Learn – Advanced Music XLR8R’ training course, with the aim of increasing the professionalisation of students and freelancers. Specifically, we desire to transmit a vertical, innovative and unusual knowledge of music management. Knowledge that will allow participants to independently create music projects, or rather offer their skills to major organizations, on the Apulian area as well as the European’s.

Among the topics to be covered are: management, marketing and communication, but also administration and safety measures in public events. Moreover, lessons about modern topics such as the reduction of environmental impact, music tourism and digital project management. It’s going to be a real full immersion within the music industry, from conventional to modern issues. Last but not least, practical activities are set at at two glocal festivals, such as AVANT and MUNDI.

Info and registration at!