Xenomorph Radio: konkrit

The sixteenth episode of the Xenomorph Sounds series is a special radioshow focussing on the Asian scene, specifically Japan, China and Taiwan. It is the German journalist and activist konrkit, also known as Kristoffer Cornils, in charge to trace the overview of such fervent subterranean scene. The mix, more than a podcast, looks more like a sound book. It features two hours of psychedelic music, rock, jazz, electronic, pop and folklore. Aired on January 25th in the occasion of Threads Radio‘s second anniversary, it showcases the best bands and composers from the most hidden alleys of the area.

Listen and go deep inside the concept and full tracklist, which Kristoffer kindly shared with us.


Ima Noshiba — Calm (Petals Of Ocean’s Sleep And Mask, irislightmusic 2020)

Burmélange — The Sea in the Umbrella (Burmélange, Syphre 2015)

Teenage Granny — Mga Dukhang Anghel ng Ginhawa at Liwanag (self-released 2015)

落差草原 WWWW — 黑夢/Formosan Dream (黑夢/Formosan Dream, self-released 2020)

group A — 笛の練習 (Practicing Flute at Restaurant) (NO Recording I, self-released 2020)

Kikagaku Moyo-幾何学模様 — Ouchi Time (Looking Glass 2020)

KUUNATIC — Roho Ulio Toweka (Roho Ulio Toweka // Ants // Worship, Mutntknd Records 2018)

Hiperson —Spring Breeze (Bildungsroman, Maybe Mars 2020)

叶尔波利 Yerboli — Dadidau (哈萨克精神Kazakh Spirit, Old Heaven Books 2008)

王嘯 Wang Xiao — 遠走他鄉 The Long Exile (黑馬河的兒子 The Son of Black Horse River, WV Sorcerer Productions 2020)

IZ — 影子Shadow (Kөlêngkê 影子, self-released 2011)

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 — Some Kind of Demon 某一種惡魔 (Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏 (幽霊リズム), Wharf Cat Records 2019)

Senyawa — Kabau (Alkisah, Les Albums Claus/others 2021)

OOIOO — jibun (nijimusi, Thrill Jockey 2020)

王子衡 Wang Ziheng — Bonus Track – さようなら世界夫人よ (Tribute to 頭脳警察 Zunou Keisatsu, collaboration with 王子) (萬火歸一 We, The Fire Are One, WV Sorcerer Productions 2018)

not in catalog — 城外 outside (Last Date 24​/​09​/​2017, Zoomin’ Night 2020)

Wata — Angel (She’s So Heavy, Diwphalanx Records 2007)

Dolphy Kick Bebop — The Garden is Here – A Spiritual Suite (Briefvisit, WV Sorcerer Productions 2020)

Dope Purple — 人類最後的一天 (Live, Senko Issha 2019)

BlackLab — Forked Road (Abyss, New Heavy Sounds 2020)

Hatsune Kaidan — Yaokemade Hanasanai (Japonismes, Specific Recordings 2020)

Mong Tong 夢東 — Jou-tau (Mystery 秘神, Guruguru Brain 2020)

Auspicious Family — Oni (吉利 / Series, self-released 2015)

王子健 Wang Zijian — 渡邊文樹的字幕 Subtitles of Fumiki Watanabe (幻滅情歌 Love Songs in Disillusion, WV Sorcerer Productions 2019)

武鑓隼太 — I Want to Talk with You (Live at Musica Japonica, Osaka) (ちょっと待って下さい。『live』, ]licht-ung[ / Econore 2017)