‘South Quarantine’, a playlist to stay positive

Sud Sonico has not been immune to COVID19 situation, in fact the planning of our upcoming activities has been delayed or canceled. But as of today, the priority is to stay positive and be responsible, help others and to do our best to defeat the virus together.

And then, in the absence of live music concerts or music therapy sessions, we decided to share with you a selection of sunny, hopeful to pass the quarantine with a confident mood. There is no better way to remain distantly united by listening to music.

We wish you to stay healthy and to enjoy the listening. Let us know your favorite album.

Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland

Synthesize The Soul – Astro Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands

Azimuth – Azimuth

Nigeria 70 – Nigeria 70: No Wahala: Highlife, Afro​-​Funk & Juju 1973​-​1987

World Spirituality Classics 2: The Time For Peace Is Now

Konono N°1 meets Batida

The Waikiki Leaks – Swing Luau

Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds (1978​-​1982: selected by Jùnior Santos)