New conference & live format at Corigliano’s castle

Saturday, November 30th we present a new conference & music format at the beautiful castle at Corigliano d’Otranto.

From 18PM on, a conference on emotional intelligence and art therapy will be presented and held by Stefano Centonze, the president the national association of arts therapies and holistic disciplines Artedo.

From 22.00 onwards, the Roman multi-instrumentalist Massimo Amato will perform live and enchant the spectators with a combination of electronic and psychedelic music, funk rarefactions and ethno-jazz references. The aftershow is curated by the local electronic label Out-ER. All info can be found on the official event.

The event is co presented and realized in collaboration with Coolclub, SEI Festival,, Xenomorph Sounds, Out-ER and Pregnant Void.