The festival partners with the best chefs and gastronomic operators of Lecce’s area, looking for and working with quality and seasonal-only ingredients.

We accurately select and collaborate those food operators who can guarantee top-level culinary experiences for any dietary need. The gastronomic culture of our territory – rich of vegetables, meat, fish and wheat dishes – is presented to spectators through different and tasty recipes of high digestibility and undeniable nutritional value.

Our aim is to let festivalgoers eat healthy and flavorsome, offer dishes which combine km.0 ingredients and diversity of tastes. Every meal will be prepared by giving priority to the principles of nutrition, digestion and absorption. The dishes will also cater to any particular dietary requirements – meat and fish lovers, and also vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free recipes – with a focal point on the seasonality and availability of the ingredients.

We are going to announce the gastronomic collaborations in the coming weeks.