Music Therapy

Since ancient times, music and medicine were considered as a whole. The medical priest Рor better, the shaman Рknew that the world follows musical principles and that the life of the cosmos is dominated by rhythm and harmony. Nowadays, thanks to the last technological developments and researches, there’s a solid scientifica awareness about the power of sounds and frequencies.

Sud Sonico promotes the use of music therapy through awareness events and applied sessions for individuals or groups. Sud Sonico indeed deals with psychoacoustics, cymatic and vibro-acoustic therapy (applied to human and plant organisms), non-verbal therapy and sound dialogue, imaginative music therapy, musical propaedeutic for children.

The music therapy sessions can be held in clinical or educational contexts, clinical or educational. The association is currently on a music therapy applied research on plant organisms, in collaboration with the University of Salento.

Sud Sonico is a South Italy-based cultural association born with the desire to increase and spread the awareness of innovative music culture through didactic, therapeutic and recreational events.

Sud Sonico operates from Lecce, Apulia, with the aim of refreshing the musical and cultural heritage of its homeland. The association promotes innovative music event formats, turning them available to music enthusiasts and less expert target groups.

Sud Sonico organizes events on its own and for third parties, like seminars, conferences, multidisciplinary festivals and music therapy courses and sessions for plants and humans.